Vilnius University

Lithuanian Physical Society

Conference Chair – Prof. Saulius Juršėnas

Local committee

  1. S. Raišys
  2. P. Baronas
  3. J. Baužys
  4. I. Virbickienė
  5. R. Karpič

Program committee

  1. K. Kazlauskas, Vilnius University
  2. T. Serevičius, Vilnius University
  3. L. Valkūnas, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology
  4. V. Gulbinas, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

International committee
Chair: A. Monkman, UK

  1. D.D.C. Bradley, UK
  2. F. M. B. Dias, UK
  3. E. Ehrenfreund, Israel
  4. R.H. Friend, UK
  5. L. Herz, UK
  6. O. Inganäs, Sweden
  7. R. Janssen, The Netherlands
  8. A. Kohler, Germany
  9. G. Lanzani, Italy
  10. J. Lupton, Germany
  11. S. Mazumdar, USA
  12. R. Osterbacka, Finland
13. L. Peteanu, USA
14. L. J. Rothberg, USA
15. Z. Shuai, China
16. C. Silva, Canada
17. S. Tretiak, USA
18. Z.V. Vardeny, USA
19. Xi Zhang, China
20. J. Clark, UK
21. N. Banerji, Switzerland
22. I. Samuel, Scotland
23. S. Kena-Cohen, Canada


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Conference Secretariat

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