Vilnius – intersection of the cultures

“Vilnius was oddity, city of blended, intersected regions, reminiscent of Trieste or Chernovtsy,” – wrote the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz about Vilnius, where he spent youth between the two World wars. Vilnius is known as a multicultural city over time: Lithuanians, the Poles, Russians, Jewry, Belorussians and other nations live friendly among each other. According to one of the world best known Vilnius residents Antanas Venclova even today the city remains as an oddity, though his fate changed radically. Vilnius resemble palimpsest – an ancient manuscript, where through the text is emerging one or even few traces of the previous texts.

The tour on foot, escorted by a professional tour guide, goes through the historical monuments in the Old Town, a UNESCO heritage site and Užupis district, former suburb of Vilnius. Tour includes sites as the Gates of Down, Townhall square, the Jewish district, the Republic of Užupis, the Cathedral Square, Presidential Palace and more.

Duration of the tour: 2 hrs (walking tour)
Groups and prices: Min. group of 4, max. group of 25. Preliminary price: 10 EUR per person.
Date & Time: July 10, 14:00

Vilnius Walk-n-bite tour

To experience a culture one must experience their cuisine and since Vilnius always was a multicultural city, its cuisine is a part of rich history and everyday life. Walk-n-Bite tour takes visitors through the most attractive parts of the city as well as through the neighborhoods where Insiders live and eat.

This food tour including five stops with tastings (and even shopping) of typical Lithuanian delicacies: everyday snacks, homemade products, drinks and sweets and covers most prominent sites in the Old Town including Hales Market, Gates of Down, Didžioji and Pilies streets, the Jewish district. The local food-loving guide will tell you stories about origins, traditional way of preparation and consuming of the Lithuanian dishes and drinks so you really will eat and drink like an Insider.


Duration of the tour: 2+ hrs (walking tour)
Groups and prices: Min. group of 4, max. group of 20. Preliminary price: 35 EUR per person.
Date & Time: July 10, 14:00

Excursion to our industry partners “Light Conversion” 

The key driver at LIGHT CONVERSION is consistency, persistent quest for the corporate goals, close attention to the clients’ needs, and assurance of the exclusive quality of the products developed by the company. For 25 years now, we have been developing things that alter the worlds of science and industry. Using our knowledge, experience, and leading position, we strive for perfection and continued growth. On the day our company was founded, we chose the path of research and have been following it ever since. Investments into this field have opened up a doorway to global markets for us. For 25 years, we have been searching for and discovering new ways to apply femtosecond laser technology. The clients of LIGHT CONVERSION range from research centres and labs and industrial corporations to medical companies.

Duration of the tour: 1 h (in the premises of the company)
Groups and prices: 2 groups of 10 delegates
Date & Time: July 10, 16:00


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