Presentation guidelines

Oral presentations

Presentations should be brief, focused and are delivered to the audience in order to impart knowledge or to stimulate discussions. Presentations should follow the general format of papers with introduction, methods, results and discussions, but presented in a short concise format.

Oral presentations (except plenary and invited) have a 15-minute slot (including 5 min for questions/answers) – please prepare a PowerPoint or PDF (format: 16 x 9) presentation that lasts for up to 10-12 minutes MAXIMUM to allow 3-5 minutes for discussion after your talk. This equates to roughly 10 slides excluding your title and acknowledgement slides. Every session will have a session chair, who will moderate the session, present the speaker and take a strict care about the timing.

Plenary lectures have a 45-minute slot, invited lectures have a 25-minute slot.

Presentations of all speakers must be delivered to the technical support team and tested in the main hall AIDA at least one day in advance during the coffee or lunch break. Professional technicians will be available throughout all conference days in the main hall to help you download and run presentations, or solve any related issues. Please have a backup copy of your presentation in USB memory stick. Please make sure to label your presentation file with your name and last name.

Please also note that there will not be a lectern on stage and you will be asked to leave your presentation (or your personal computer) to the technical support team, who will run your presentation from the backstage. However, you will have a presenter and a presentation monitor in front of you to see the slides and notes and to follow the timing.

The exact time of your presentation and session details are available in the Final Conference Program.

Poster presentations

A poster gives a visual presentation of your research work to your targeted audience. Make use of schematic diagrams, graphs, tables and other visual aides to drive home the point to the audience rather than using too much text to pass the message. State the research question or hypothesis clearly and concisely in your poster and to clarify the take-home message.

Format and other important information

  1. There are 2 poster sessions scheduled  – July 8 at 18:05-20:00 and July 9 at 18:05-20:00. Please check the Final Program for the time slot of your poster presentation.
  2. Please have your poster printed in A0 format (Width x Height = 33.11 inch x 46.8 inch = 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm). Layout: portrait orientation, to fit on the poster display board.Using other formats or bringing the poster in different size will not allow you to hang it properly.
  3. Your poster number and the poster wall will be assigned to you individually at the venue (Carmen hall). Before hanging your poster, please first check your poster ID and the poster wall assigned.
  4. Presenting authors are requested to set up their posters in the morning of presenting day. Authors are required to be at their posters during the sessions. Posters must be removed promptly at the end of the session.

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